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Advanced Pet Care of Oakland

Snacks, Ribbons and Christmas Trees

Expo in a Christmas hat

It’s the Holidays and that means I usually gain a couple pounds from getting into all of the treats the staff receive. Of course I have to be sneaky about it – I knew there was a reason they put a bell on my collar. Usually I’m caught but sometimes when the Hospital is hectic and no one is paying attention I can slyly sneak in and get a couple nibbles.

More importantly than food are the RIBBONS! I love my ribbons. Red ones and blue ones and silver ones… they’re all my favorite. There’s just something about wonderful, beautiful, delicious ribbons.

That is until someone catches me and I get yelled at…

If anyone asks – the tree is not a comfortable perch. Take it from me, a cat who has been and seen things, it may look inviting but it’s definitely not soft. And once again there is usually some more yelling involved.

There’s a theme here at the Hospital, I find something nice, I get yelled at. The ladies say although my fluff is darling, I need to set an example for the other cats who come in. A few words were thrown out like “diet”, “exercise”, “NO MORE TREATS” – they’re trying to torture me, I guarantee it.

I’m hoping to survive the Holidays without wasting away. The New Year is closing in and the ladies who work with the other pets in the back say I need a “New Year Resolution”. I told them a bigger castle to sleep in would be nice. Apparently that is not how this all works. Stay tuned – if I don’t wither from this “diet” it’ll probably be from the “exercise”. I hope to see you all in the New Year (so you can feed me treats, of course).