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Advanced Pet Care of Oakland

Meetings and Snacks

Expo hanging out

We had a meeting today. Well, the two-legged one who is always telling me to get off of this table or that table or her keyboard (how rude) says it was a ‘yearly review’, but really it was just her giving me stern looks and telling me I need to do this or that. Apparently my presence in the hospital is not enough for her and I need to work for my meals. Clearly she doesn’t understand how hard my life is already– greeting clients, fending away curious canines, telling my fellow felines to run while they can and of course looking this cute is a 24 hour a day job. I mean, seriously, these wide eyed looks are not for nothing!

GIVE ME MY SNACKS WOMAN! She really is absurd sometimes.

Anyway, back to me, I’m Expo. I’m orange, a tad on the plump side, and the best clinic cat you can have. I tend to my catnip on a daily basis and enjoy my morning, mid-morning and afternoon naps. I look cute, am cute and act cute. I am King Expo and run this hospital with an iron fist. I meow and treats are placed in front of me. One doe-eyed look and there’s a fluffy blanket for me to lie on and a keyboard to walk across. I. Am. King.

The two-legged one who thinks she runs the place remarked that I need to be more accessible to my clients. So, here I am, allowing all of you – my lovely servants – a glimpse into my life. Stay tuned.